If you remember Borobudur Temple, what you have in mind is Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Besides Bali, Jogja is also one of the tourist destinations for travellers. The beach in Jogja can also be used as a tourist destination. Go to Wediombo beach, Krakal, Ngandong, Parangtritis, to do some surfing.

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To facilitate transportation, travelling by motorbike is more fun. This “7 Best Motorcycle Rentals in Yogyakarta, Indonesia“.

  1. RM99

Find them on http://rentalmotor99.com.

source : rentalmotor99.com

Their address : https://goo.gl/maps/iBcTXoaSNwXrkuoa6


ADHIYASTA RENTAL is located in the Lempuyangan Station area.

Map : https://goo.gl/maps/VLusCgw7FqmzsQzSA


Find RENTCANGJOGJA on Instagram

Booking on WA :


Motorcycles rent in Jogja with a shuttle service.

Find them : https://jogjig.com/rental-motor-jogja-murah

5. Garasi Jogja

At Garage Jogja, you can choose the type of motorcycle.

Find them : https://garasijogja.com/rental-motor-jogja-murah/


Motorcycle rental in the Lempuyangan station area, Yogyakarta.

Find them : https://yogjo.com/motor/rental-motor-jogja/

7. WS Rental Jogja

Find them : https://www.wsrentaljogja.com/

Article about the “7 Best Motorcycle Rentals in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.”

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7 Best Motorcycle Rentals in Yogyakarta, Indonesia

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